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  • Blockstacker

    by Mindemia
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Blockstacker is a fun and easy to learn puzzle game, where you slide rows of blocks and try to create stacks of colored blocks that turn into points. For each new level, a Lock and a Key appear on the board. If you match these up, you will get extra points, and they will transform into a Heart. Hearts are used to clear the board of Magno-Skulls (see below) In addition to ordinary blocks, there are special blocks that can be used to your advantage: Bombs will blow away any nearby blocks, while pairing two Blue Orbs will remove random blocks across the board. If you manage to remove a stack of 5 blocks, you are awarded a Yellow Orb, which will remove all blocks on the same row and column when touched. Latter levels introduce tricky Grey Blocks, that can't be removed other than by blowing them up. Evil Magno-Skulls will stick to each other, and make rows slide together, making it harder to match the blocks. Magno-Skulls can either be blown up with bombs, or they will all be removed when you match two Hearts. Recent changes: 1.11: Fixes occasional crash when removing grey block. Content rating: Everyone



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