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The original word game helper and still the best! Scrabble Helper is an anagram tool designed to help you find the best playable words for games like Scrabble, Words With Friends, WordFeud, Words by Post, Word Game, DroidWords, WordSmith, WordWise & Word Mix. You can enter up to 12 Rack Letters including 2 Blanks, 4 Board Letters, and even Double and Triple Letter Scores! Extending Searches find words extending existing words or crossing multiple board letters e.g. B??D Include Double/Triple Letter Score spaces in searches and word scores will adjust accordingly e.g. B??3 Application runs in Status Bar for quick access within games. See your game and letters from within Scrabble Helper via the custom Transparent Keyboard. Preview words against the game board without having to switch back and forth between the apps. Sort the results by Length, Score, Board/Blank Letter or Letter Position in order to find the best playable word. Board and Blank letters are highlighted in results and preview screen for easy reference. Suports the following dictionaries: English USA (TWL06) English International (SOWPODS) English North american (ENABLE) Words With Friends French (ODS4 & ODS5) Italian (Zingarelli) Dutch (SWL) Spanish (fise2009) .. more dictionaries coming very soon! Look up Word Definitions directly from the search results. (Uses Wikidictionary) Use the Word Judge to check validity & definition of any word quickly. Custom Scoring for Scrabble, WordFeud and Words with Friends. Note: If you are updating from the Unlock Key the app now requests internet access. The Unlock Key has now been replaced with the new Pro Version App. As with the Free version, internet access is required for the app to retrieve the search results. *** Server Connection Failures *** The server is going down for about 2 hours a day which is causing the connection issues. This has been occurring approximately 7pm EST (USA) daily for the past week. I've been unable to resolve the issue with the server host and so have purchased an additional server. I'm still in the process of building the new server and hope to have it up and running as soon as possible. I sincerely apologize for the delay and your patience has been greatly appreciated. Thanks! Jon Recent changes: - New Server Online. - Max words limit removed. Thank you all for your patience! This new server should fix all the connection problems and I'll be watching it closely to make sure. Content rating: Everyone



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