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Ever helped a princess in the far east? Here is your chance! Princess Nuriko is a puzzle game with similarities to Sudoku, Minesweeper and Picross. Play 62 carefully designed nurikabe puzzles from easy to hard. Finish each puzzle to see tiny farmer villages grow in 3D. (Free Demo Version also available on market) watch gameplay video on youtube: Recent changes: version 1.14 -Added 20 more levels, now a total of 62! -Added Learn-how-to-play page including watch-demo-play. -Improved performance. version 1.03 -Runs now on more phones. version 1.02 -Fixed blue gold-coins. -Improved handset compatibility. version 1.01 -Added settings to speedup on slower phones. This game is HD: -Optimized for high-resolution devices! -3D Graphics To make sure your handset is compatible: Please try out the free Demo available on Market before you buy! Content rating: Everyone



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