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  • LG TV Remote

    by LG 전자
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"LG TV Remote" is a Wi-Fi remote controller which can control Network-enabled LG TVs released in 2011. When a smart phone and LG TV are connected via router, after a simple pairing process, LG TV may be controlled conveniently with the smart phone similar to a regular or a Magic Motion remote controller. [Network Settings on TV] - To get started, connect your LG TV through wired/wireless router to TV LAN port. - Go to Home Dash Board [SETUP] -> [NETWORK] -> Configure settings in [Network Setting]. [Network Settings on Android Phone] - [Settings] -> Configure Settings in [Wireless & networks]. ** Please ensure that the Smart Phone is connected to the same network as that of your LG TV. [Supported models] LED LZ9600 Series Higher @ TV 2011 (Model Code Starts with LZ9) LED LW 5500 Series Higher @ TV 2011 (Model Code Starts with LW5) LED LV 5500 Series Higher @ TV 2011 (Model Code Starts with LV3) LED LV 3700 Series, (LV372S/ LV373S/ LV375S/ LV3700) Except for Model Code Starts with LK [Main Features] VOL/CH: Change volume or channel. Touchpad: Control pointer on TV by touching the touchpad screen on a smart phone. Button: Use direction keys to navigate TV menus or to control media playback. Setting: Connect TV, edit TV name, touchpad sensitivity, set vibration or sound effect. Mute for incoming call: Mutes TV for incoming call. My CH: Manage My channel list in smart phone. Promotional Video - Recent changes: Updated description Content rating: Everyone



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