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Unicorn 3 is a live wallpaper. There are two requirements to use Live Wallpaper: 1) compatible hardware; 2) compatible OS. 1) compatible hardware -- any phone that came with Android OS 2.0 or later should work fine. Anything that came with 1.5 / 1.6 may have problems. HTC Droid Eris, Hero, Legend, Spica, and their cousins are known to have problems, even when updated to Android OS 2.X. 2) compatible OS -- Android OS 2.1 (Eclair) or later can use live wallpapers In order to install you must : - go to your home screen; - press the menu button on your device; - select "Wallpaper"; - select "Live Wallpapers"; - search and select for "<name_app> Live Wallpaper" - select "Settings" to see the settings or select "Set wallpaper" to activate it. Tags: live wallpapers cartoon Love Sexy Water Falls Nature Party Animal Unicorn



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