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  • Magic Tricks: Beginner's Guide

    by KoolAppz
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Is it the mystery? Is it the glamour? Or is it the memories conjured up by that man in the black cape at your favorite party when he pulled a rabbit out of a hat? Perhaps you just want to be able to entertain the kids at your son’s birthday. Whatever the reason, learning magic can be for you. Here is what you will learn inside... ★ Why Do You Want to Learn Magic Tricks? ★ What are the Easiest Tricks to Learn? ★ The Key to Magic – Sleight of Hand ★ What is an Illusion? ★ Easy Money Tricks Using Bills ★ Easy Money Tricks Using Coins ★ Easy Magic Tricks Using Scarves and Handkerchiefs ★ Fun and Simple Card Tricks ★ Fascinating Rope Tricks ★ Cups and Balls Routines ★ Simple Elastic Tricks ★ Fun Dice Tricks ★ Tips for Becoming a True Entertainer ★ How Much Practice Will it Take? ★ How Many Tricks Should You Perform? ★ and much, Much More! *** On Sale Now! (Normal Price $17.99) *** Get it now before promotion ends! Content rating: Everyone



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