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  • My Calls Timing

    by sgh
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For those who are not on un-limited voice plan from your country mobile network operators, you are usually given only certain minutes of free calls before they start to bill you for the extra minutes every month. E.g you may be given 100% incoming calls free but only 100 minutes outgoing free. Hence you would like to keep your outgoing calls to under 100 minutes each month. The application provides a way for you to monitor your incoming/outgoing calls usage minutes before the whole month is up. It is like some early warning buffer to curb your calls usage before they go way above your voice plan limit and incur hefty bills later. The incoming/outgoing calls minutes and incoming/outgoing SMS are monitored month by month basis. Store for past 12 months statistics. Please note this application monitored timings are estimated as it read from the smart-phone and most likely may differ a bit from the mobile network operators back-end server logs file. That is, the timing may not correspond EXACTLY to the bill you receive every month but it is a close approximation and hopefully it can help you to control your calls usage BEFORE the bill is sent to you every month. The application support English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese display. Recent changes: This release will read the total outgoing and incoming call minutes from the Android SDK CallLog which provides more accurate statistics. However, if you explicitly remove entries from the Call Log, it will affect the counter displayed on the app. The concept of a month starting from X day of a month still remains. E.g a month can start from 15 May - 14 Jun and the total outgoing and incoming is based on this time span instead. Content rating: Everyone



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