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Every night when you go to sleep or you are away for some time, some apps e.g services that run in the background without a User Interface may attempt to "secretly" make phone calls out or roam network for internet connectivity leading to high phone/data bill for you. It hurts even more when you are on limited voice/data or even no data plan. This app does not attempt to terminate those offending apps and services as apps are not allowed to terminate other apps presumably on security concerns from Android. What this app does is to provide you with some early warning function (events appear on Notification Status Bar) so that you are aware those apps you installed on your smart-phones maybe doing some stuff without you knowing. This app trap outgoing phone call and network roaming. To turn on monitoring, tap "Start". To turn off monitoring, tap "Stop". The application support English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese display. Recent changes: For those smart-phones that have LED light, this release set it to flashing red color to indicate it's priority of apps making secret phone calls and roaming networks behind your back.



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