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  • MLG Medieval Widget Theme

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*** This widget theme requires Make Look Good - Widget Themes *** UPDATE: Summer Sale until end of September 2011 - buy this theme for just US$0.99! Embrace your inner nerd! When you've grown tired of all the flip-clock widget clones out there, our trusted Medieval theme is waiting right here for you. This theme is inspired by the epic fantasy legends we all love. It lets you relax knowing your Android device has a look that stands out from the crowd. Medieval comes with a full set of widgets: + MLG Clock (4x2) + MLG Small Clock (4x1) + MLG Weather Forecast (4x1) + MLG Flight Mode toggle (1x1) + MLG Wi-Fi toggle (1x1) + MLG Brightness toggle (1x1) + MLG Bluetooth toggle (1x1) + MLG GPS toggle (1x1) + MLG Silent toggle (1x1) + MLG Vibrate toggle (1x1) + Matching Medieval wallpaper *** Search for Make Look Good in Android Market and download the Make Look Good - Widget Themes application before installing this theme. *** Recent changes: + Updated error messages Content rating: Everyone



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