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earn Polsih application provides all the useful words necessary to understand the language. You cant drive your car unless you have your license, you can't speak Polsih if you don't know what the words are. Learn Polsih helps you to closes the gap between understanding the words and sentences, hence the language itself. Learn Polsih application features more than 400 day to day used words, more than hundreds full sentences, once you get hang on to these words and sentences, someone talking behind your back can never happen again. Discover the ancient history of Polsih by talking to local directly. It helps all the travelers, students, friends, and everyone who wishes to learn Polsih language. Knowing little bit of local language is always better than nothing, being in control of yourself is even better feeling, so learn these words in your spare time, on train, bus, when you are bored, who knows one day it might remove the barrier of communication. Having knowledge is always fruitful, i promise you, knowledge always comes in handy. Future updates to this application includes more words, phrases, enhancements, and optimization. Content rating: Everyone



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