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The focus of Hollrback: knowing that context is everything. Where you meet and what they mean to you is just as important as who you meet. With Hollrback, itʼs like a good first and second impression. You choose how you want someone to contact you. They scan your card, and youʼre done. You can make multiple cards in advance, or do it on the fly. No paper, no pens, no frantic typing. Click, scan, and keep talking. And since Hollrback is context-focused, your cards are event based: like a conference, a concert, or over dinner. You can even add tags on the fly to add context to the people you meet, so that theyʼre not part of a stack, or a line in a database, or just “that GUY, from that THING, at that PLACE.” Hollrback saves who you met, where you met them, and why meeting them was important. Get Hollrback and start contextually speaking. Recent changes: -Auto login if you have previously logged in. -Visual enhancements. -Hardware back button fixes. Content rating: Low Maturity



  • 07-20-2010
    version was updated
  • 07-20-2010
    title was updated


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