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  • Don't miss your stop! FREE

    by Cuttleworks
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Sometimes you hop on the bus not knowing exactly where your stop is. Instead of looking out the window for clues, tell your app where you're heading, and your phone will ring when you get close to your destination. And why not save your favourite destinations and enjoy a nap during your daily commute? Main features: - User friendly UI - Save your common locations - Ring or vibrate when you reach your stop - Intelligent algorithms that save your battery This free version is fully functional! The only limitation compared to the full version is a limited choice of radius for the alarm. Give it a go, it's still worth it! If you encounter any bugs or want to suggest features, please use the contact button within the app. Unfortunately we can't reply to comments here. Keywords: bus stop gps location alarm reminder Recent changes: - Removed limitation on number of saved alarms!! - Improved handling of low accuracies, for ex. when there is no GPS signal - New option to activate an alarm after its creation - Minor UI adjustments Content rating: Low Maturity



  • 07-20-2010
    version was updated
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