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Volcanic Ascent is an indie game that was designed and created by one person! It has been described as an extremely addictive, action-packed casual game. Get as high up an active volcano as you can! Get the highest score and reach the highest milestone! Dodge threats, grab coins, and collect powerups like Ghost and Shield to help you on your quest. Make sure you don't fall into a pit! Are you good enough to reach the GODLIKE milestone? NOTE: This is the FULL version. This includes all powerups, objects and features, and is ad-free. It also receives priority updates. Recent changes: * GRAPHICS SIGNIFICANTLY CHANGED * NEW OBJECT: Coin (adds 200 points on pickup) * NEW OBJECT: Snowball (hurts you) * Replaced tree with stone * Ghost powerup flashes when ending * Time stop now fades out * Changed max no. of shields to 4 * Reduced battery drain * Main character now changes size when jumping * Now one tap to jump * Fixed invulnerability exploit * More milestones * You can now pick up shields while ghosted * Decreased file size * Much more, see Content rating: Everyone



  • 07-20-2010
    version was updated
  • 07-20-2010
    price was updated
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