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~WANT MORE ICONS/THEMES/WALLPAPERS/CUSTOMIZATIONS?~ Check out my website for full icon packs/themes/wallpapers for 91PandaHome (verisions 1 or 2), the icon packs also work with ADW Launcher. PLUS custom requests are being taken there too! Check out SCSCreations' website: or click on the "Developer Website" link at the bottom of this page. ***CUSTOM REQUESTS*** I am now taking custom theme/wallpaper/icon pack requests. Pricing is listed below. PLEASE NOTE: I get a lot of custom requests and therefore it does take a few days to create custom themes/icon packs/wallpapers. Please submit your theme request via email: . Please be very descriptive of what you would like. No refunds are available for custom requests as time and work goes in to each custom made theme/icon pack/wallpaper. WHEN CAN YOU EXPECT YOUR CUSTOM REQUEST TO BE COMPLETED? Customized items (themes/icon packs/wallpapers,etc...) will be available to you SCSCreations website at: within 72 hours (three days) from the time of your request, if you have multiple requests it will take 72 hours from the time of each request. If for any reason your custom request will take longer than 72 hours, I will notify you via email. PRICING FOR CUSTOM REQUESTS: **ALL CUSTOM THEMES/ICON PACKS/WALLPAPERS REQUIRE A DEPOSIT BEFORE PROCEEDING WITH THE CUSTOMIZATION TO INSURE THAT SCSCREATIONS' TIME AND HARD WORK IS NOT UNACCOUNTED FOR IF THE CUSTOMER DECIDES THEY DO NOT WANT THE THEME/ICON PACK/WALLPAPER AFTER THE CREATION HAS BEEN MADE. PLEASE SEE DEPOSIT DETAILS BELOW - PLEASE NOTE, THE DEPOSIT DOES GET APPLIED TO YOUR TOTAL PURCHASE SO IF YOUR THEME IS $10.00 AND YOU PUT A DEPOSIT OF $5.00 FOR THAT THEME DOWN, YOU WILL THEN ONLY OWE $5.00 ONCE THE THEME IS COMPLETED*** Customized Theme: $10.00 - DEPOSIT DUE AT TIME OF REQUEST: $5.00 Customized Icon Packs: $8.00 (includes 100+ icons) - DEPOSIT DUE AT TIME OF REQUEST: $5.00 Customized Wallpaper: $5.00 - DEPOSIT DUE AT TIME OF REQUEST: $3.00 Customized Pre-made Theme: $5.00 - DEPOSIT DUE AT TIME OF REQUEST: $3.00 Customized Pre-made Icons: $5.00 - DEPOSIT DUE AT TIME OF REQUEST: $3.00 Customized Pre-made Wallpaper: $3.00 - DEPOSIT DUE AT TIME OF REQUEST: $1.50 Since SCSCreations cannot profit by selling a custom theme/icon pack/wallpaper made specifically to your liking for the same price as it was sold to you - once you have purchased your custom theme/icon pack/wallpaper for the price listed above and the transaction has been processed, SCSCreations will re-publish your custom theme/icon pack/wallpaper on the Android Market and on SCSCreations' website for a lowered price to our other customers. However, we will NOT re-publish or sale anything that has a picture of a friend/family member (animals excluded), all of those "personal photography" custom themes/wallpapers/icon packs will be taken down once the purchase has been made by the requester and the transaction has been processed. IMPORTANT: I WILL BE UNAVAILABLE FOR CUSTOM REQUESTS FROM: 5/18/11 - 6/4/11. Content rating: Everyone



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