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TIME PUNCH PRO The ultimate time tracker Want to see how you are using your time? Have billing hours? Want to keep track of your mileage? Time Punch has the solution. The most serious, comprehensive time tracker app in Android market. ★ Pro version Due to Android market policy, you will have only 15-minutes refund window. Please check with Demo version before purchase. ★ Key features Manage time record ✔ by Project ✔ by Client ✔ by Tags Generate report ✔ by month ✔ by week ✔ by custom period ✔ by project ✔ by client ✔ by tags Import & Export ✔ from SD card ✔ from Google Docs ✔ to SD card ✔ to Email/Text ✔ to Google Docs ✔ Google Calendar Sync Customize ✔ screen colors ✔ text size ✔ text colors Data safety ✔ Passcode lock ✔ Scheduled backup And many more ✔ Reminder ✔ image attachment ✔ simple task list ✔ simple expense list ★ Keywords Workhour, Worktime, "TimeClock", timetrack, billing, timepunch, freelancer, Time clock, Time management, "Time Recording" - Timesheet App, Time logger, Time recorder, Worktime tracking, punch clock, work clock, workhour tracking, Work hour, Work time, work log, time manager, "Time Recording Pro", "TimeClock - Time Tracker", "Time tracker" Recent changes: . Fixed Google Calendar sync problem . Revise the title bar design of preference screens . Revise the backup log module . Added currency customization setting . Added entry filter for Entry calendar screen. . Added week number show/hide setting for entry calendar screen. . Added simple mileage input (If user enter certain mileage in mileage-to field, the number will be recognized as driven mileage) Content rating: Everyone



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