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  • Let's Xylophone

    by Rio Park
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It’s an educational app for your lovely child. Your child can play a variety musical instrument with charming images. Also download children’s song from the Internet, study it by themselves . It’s not just for learning, your child may enjoy and play with the children’s song. 1.Free style performance - You can choose three background: Xylophone, Saxophone, Chorus - Each has three sounds of instrument. - Xylophone: Piano, Vibraphone, Xylophone - Saxophone: Clarinet, Saxophone, Trumpet - Chorus: Alto, Soprano, Voice Alto 2.Study - Self-paced learning from 1 to 4 step - Download the children’s song from the Internet - Will upload songs continuously 3.Listen to song - Listen to song like a MP3 automatically 4.Record, Up & Download - Record a song what you want for your child - Upload recorded song on the Internet - Download songs that be uploaded by another user Content rating: Everyone



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