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  • Evercall - Every Call Matters!

    by FrienzPlay
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Have you forget calls who or when call you? Have you made a call in a coffee shop and you don't remember the number. Have you have a important conversation need to be recorded? Just quick voice memo at a specific place and quickly share with friends, backup directly to Gmail. Evercall is a extensive communication tool help to link all the context of call, including when, who, where, what topic. All call log will transfer to your Gmail with label automatically. With the useful search Gmail, you will never miss any call again. Features: * Take a note about call topic, call type (incoming, outgoing, missed), call number, other party name, time and duration. * Note the place with street name if available. * Quick way to note the topic after an important call placed. * Display call logs on the Google Map. * Show recent topics at incoming calls between you and the caller. * Personal voice memo with GPS tags. * Automatically record while conversion and save in SD Card. * Automatically send call logs to Gmail * To save all cost, choose to send mail only with Wifi. * restore logs from Gmail * Restore call log from Gmail to phone. Gmail IMAP protocol need to be enabled. SD card is required for long recordings, too. Due to some limitation of Android phones, try to enable speaker and lower the volume to have better recording. Also some Bluetooth handset doesn't work in recording. Feel free to try before buy. We will do the best to fix all kinds of bugs. We will keep improving to make the application to give more productivies of phone calls. In-App purchase: All In-App items only charge once. If you have a newer phone and have purchased before, you can use buy to enable the feature with further cost. Keywords: Contacts, incoming call, missed call, outgoing call, voice recorder, call logs, memo, gmail, backup, GPS, Google Maps, IMAP Recent changes: * fixed audio play error * fixed notification Content rating: Low Maturity



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