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    by Jamari
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If you have trouble to install or use the App after update, please reinstall. With this App you can search the most popular Sites like: Google Search, Google News, Goolge Images, Wikipedia, Amazon, Yahoo, Yandex, ebay,, and many more. More then 70 URL from 6 Languages are supported right now. It is possible to use the BarcodeScanner. To support Searchsites which can not handle the Barcode, the App will fetch additional information (WLAN/3G only). Moreover, voice input is working, too. You can see your Bookmarks with this App, too. Your search history with this App is stored, so that you can research then every time. Send me a mail if search pages are missing, or visit the facebook page. -------- Keywords for the Market ----------------- 220 Voice Amazon Barcode Amazon Barcode Scanner ask Barcode ask Voice Browser ebay Barcode ebay Barcode Scanner ebay Voice google Barcode google Barcode Scanner goolge Voice guenstiger Barcode guenstiger Barcode Scanner Leo German <> English Leo French <> German Google Maps Android Market Market Barcode Scanner Market Voice okidoki Barcode okidoki Barcode Scanner okazii Barcode okazii Barcode Scanner ozon Barcode ozon Barcode Scanner Price Barcode Price barcode Scanner Price Voice qype voice translate voice tpu barcode tpu voice Wikipedia German Wikipedia English Wikipedia French Wikipedia Russia Wikipedia Romania Wikipedia de Wikipedia en Wikipedia fr Wikipedia ru Wikipedia ro wikipedia barcode wikipedia voice yandex voice YouTube youtube barcode youtube voice Das ist drin das-ist-drin Das ist drin barcode scanner imdb barcode scanner imdb barcode imdb voice twitter Google Images DE Google Images FR Google Images COM Google Images CO.UK Google Images RU Google Images RO Google News DE Google News COM Google News CO.UK Google News FR Google News RU Google News RO Chefkoch.DE chefkoch barcode chefkoch voice idealo barcode lastfm baarcode lastfm voice walmart barcode (portro) Barcode Scanner Voice Search Search Portal Web Search Searching the Web Portal Information Startseite Bookmarks History Web History Recent changes: - Improve the Results of the BarcodeScanner - Improve the Bookmark View - Add GoogleSuggest Content rating: Everyone



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