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  • Voice Search nearby

    by SonJoy
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Search for a place to voice chatahgagi around easily display your current location and (in the direction of real-time, location), retrieved where marked. = Warning = map (Google Maps) are supported. Daum Naver maps and the map does not support. In a lot of applications installed on the map to select a menu application that the people who come out of the map (Google Maps) Please select the defaults. = Usage = 1. Click the button and then click the button, then the word is where you would like to find. (Example: CGV, billiard room, motel, hospital, pharmacy, Village restaurants, convenience stores, Yongsan, race temples, France, Eiffel Tower, or anything that can be so much more.) 2. My current position is displayed on the map (I will stand up to the directions.) Locate on the map where the location is displayed. 3. List button displays a list of nearby sequence. 4. If you choose to list detailed information is displayed, dial, where you can share. Seoul or Busan, Daegu, South Korea or possible or whatever, and the world is available anytime, anywhere. When these situations, we recommend using = = 1. Suddenly sick when I need to find a pharmacy. 2. The bar is a meeting place where friends Junko bookstore 3. You just do not go to the motel as soon as the situation when = = 1 Note. Internet-enabled is arraigned. 2. Outdoor GPS is turned on when exactly the best of my current location is displayed. 3. When do you use the Applications menu if it comes up as the default for this task, check with your map (Google Maps) Please select. Daum Naver maps and maps you accidentally set by default If you have one. Preferences 2. An application 3. Daum is set as the default in the application management while in the map, the default action again voice Tap Clear Search Appliance run around is if you ^ ^ improvements, complaints, etc. Users must embrace the opinion of those. Please show your opinion I'll give you a quick update. Voice search applications around the place which is used in some of the suikgeumjung. Content rating: Everyone



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