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It helps you save money! ***You pay for this app but earn much more money back with it in the long run*** Lowest Price Finder LPF is best suitable for housewives, grocery shop keepers,merchandisers, buyers, marketing researchers,surveyers who need to compare market prices. Only 3 parameters: {TotalPrice,QTY,UnitPrice},You input any of 2 to get the other! Lowest Price Finder has 6 main functions. 1. Calculator:+-x/ Multiply:(UP$xQTY=Total$) Division:(Total$/QTY=UP$) Shopping Cart can do Addition and Deduction. 2. Shopping cart:Shopping List: click shopping cart icon to add/remove item to shopping list and summing up the Total$. 3. Items database /Lowest Prices database... 4. compare/sort items with Lowest UP on the top of table 5. Unit Converter: set Qty=1,Price=1 6. Web browser, that you can go to web to find out the latest prices of any item, and then click BACK to save the info on this app's database. ***Main Screen*** is for instant operation: un-named item='-' and un-named shop='-'. You just input the total price and quantity (+ENTER) of the item. It will come out with the Unit Price in the unit you want. ...Please read HELP before use.... All operation is just inputting price,qty (+ENTER) ******Always remember to confirm by "ENTER" key****** And if you want to compare 2 or more items, click the plus sign to add the result(just calculated Unit Price) to the comparison table. Then input the price and Qty for the second item and add to comparison list again...Only when you want to save the item that you need to input the item name and shop name.***Click SAVE to input item/shop name...It save Goods/Items with price, qty, unit price, shop, price date. Just a click, You can easily find out the lowest price of an item and which shop are selling. (Item searching, Shop searching). Lowest Price Finder helps you to find out the Lowest Price item from supermarket rackets and it knows how to compare the prices of goods sold in different Qty units( kg, g, lb, Meter, cm, mm, yard, ft, inch...). With Lowest Price Finder , you can easily find the lowest price item quickly. At supermarket, items are sold with various unit, say, biscuit $2 for 350g,$3 for 760g, $5 for 900g, but which is cheaper?... other items $50 for 10LB, $70 for 15oz, $30 for 50Meter, $5 for 20 inch , , , , Lowest Price Finder is a software that helps find out the lowest price item quickly and easily. You just add the item to the Price List. It will auto calculate the Lowest Price and auto-sorted with the Lowest Price item on the top of Price List. It is can be used as a ***UNIT Converter***, when you set the price and Qty to 1. Weight:(kg,g,LB,oz,catty,tael), Length:(M,cm,mm,inch,ft,yard),Volume(L,ml). For nice display, when saving Items, the name should be the SHORTER the better! Shop name can use short-form/abbv. such as Radio Shack: RS, WalMart: WM, When you are saving, both Shop name and item name must exist. You cannot save an item without a shop name. And You cannot save a shop without any item. It refuses to save empty data. --- User Manual --- ****Just enter ($ , #)**** $:total price of the item #:Qty of the item (remember "ENTER" ) 0) to input item/goods info, click save button! i) getting Unit-Price in any unit of an item: input Price 2. Qty 3. unit of the Qty... then you can get the "UP$" in any other unit.... ii) comparing unit price of items... 1. get the unit price of item x.... 2. click the PLUS button to add the unit price to comparison table.... 3. to the same for the second item y... 4. make sure their unit of (unit-price) are the same... Please read HELP under MENU before use. If you have any problem, please email us. We will help. Content rating: Everyone



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