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This is the [Clock cat] cat appeared, dress up cat app. You can change the cat costume, you can communicate with cats. It also has a collection of animals other than cats, please give to the home screen full of your favorite animals. The screen is certainly colorful cute. [How Do] 1. Please place the widget on the home screen. 2. When you tap the cat, the screen switches to a communication and change clothes. [Communication] 1. The communication screen is displayed at parameters such as how cats love you. 2. And the cat's belly tickling, you can communicate with you pat her head. 3. Because milk and sometimes the ball appears, then tap the event and cats. 4. And the cat takes a lot of communication, will continue to change the parameters of the cat. [Dress up] 1. [Communication] and tap the white bar that appears to [dress up] changes to You can dress up a cat to do. 2. That are at the bottom [OK] when you tap the picture, you can determine the costumes. 3. Again, the communication screen is displayed when you tap the white bar. [More] 1. The sound of a cat can choose from four types. 2. [SD storage] When you tap a picture, SD card parameters to save, restore, or delete. Reinstalling the application, you can use the phone when making changes. *** INTERNET_ACCESS and PHONE_STATE for Ads. *** Recent changes: Ver 1.0.5(2011/8/2) - Added: Hat. * If the widget is weird after the update, please widgets relocate or reboot the phone. Content rating: Everyone



  • 07-21-2010
    version was updated
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    title was updated


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