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  • Battery Power Widget

    by Droid27
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Battery Power Widget is a useful battery power management widget. It displays the battery level of your phone on your homescreen and when clicked, it provides quick access to enabling or disabling WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS, mobile data (3G/Gprs) and much more. In addition, this widget provides you with power savings options in order to help you preserve and extend your phone's battery life. With the battery power widget you can do the following: - Turn on and off Wifi, Bluetooth, Gps and Mobile data (3G/Gprs) - Turn on/off silent mode - Turn on/off vibration mode - Turn on/off Flight mode - Turn on/off Auto-sync - Adjust the screen brightness - View detailed information of battery status - Automatically turn off wifi, bluetooth, gps and mobile data services when the phone becomes idle (you can specify the time after the screen turns off to stop these services). Using this option helps to extend battery life - you will never have to worry again of forgetting battery consuming services on, especially when you are not using them - Automatically restart any services that were stopped on idle mode when screen turns back on - Get notification when the battery level drops below a specified percentage - Optionally stop running services such as wifi, bluetooth, gprs and mobile data when the battery drops below specified level In addition, this widget provides quick access to the following phone settings: - Volume control - Screen timeout - Wifi settings - Bluetooth settings - Gps settings - Mobile data (3G/Gprs) settings Recent changes: - Some device specific bug fixes Content rating: Low Maturity



  • 07-21-2010
    version was updated
  • 07-21-2010
    title was updated


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