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  • Guitar Practice Buddy

    by jbv
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Guitar Practice Buddy is aimed at beginners that want to get used to switching between different notes. It puts you in control of your learning curve, so you can speed up the time between notes at your own pace as you become more comfortable. Please press the Menu button on your device to set up the preferences when you first run Guitar Practice Buddy. There is a "Song Mode" in the preferences to enable you to practice switching between chords in a certain sequence but by default Guitar Practice Buddy will generate a random combination of the notes you entered. The aim of Guitar Practice Buddy is to play the notes as they turn green. Touch the screen (or spacebar on non touch screen devices) to begin, resume or pause a lesson at any time. Press menu to change the time between notes, number of seconds (which will determine how many notes are displayed on the screen) and the amount of time you'd like to practice for. Please note: It does not show you how to play notes, there are plenty of apps that already do that. It does not play any sounds either. I'd love to hear from you, so please feel free to email me. Suggestions, complaints and feature requests are all welcome. This app only needs one permission and that's to prevent the phone from sleeping during your practice time. Recent changes: App rename, hopefully it'll minimize the amount of people downloading the app and expecting it to do things it says it doesn't do in the description. Content rating: Everyone



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