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The Kaplan PMBR Complete Bar Review is the ultimate preparation for both the multistate and individual state components of the Bar Exam. We offer innovative Bar review that empowers you to personalize your study strategy and tactics. Our Personalized Study Plan, Lectures-On-Demand, Ask-An-Attorney Hotline, Unlimited Essay Grading, renowned QBank, and traditional outlines & printed materials are just some of the resources that will help you master the material that you need to pass the Bar. Please visit to learn more. If you have already signed up for our online course, you can download this application at no additional charge. The Kaplan PMBR iPhone application allows you to: View Your Daily Assignments. Keep up to date on your daily assignments. View Your Personalized Study Plan. This tool helps make the most of your study time by guiding you to the content you need to review. Review Bar Points On the Go. Over 800 MBE Bar Points so that you can study on the go… Once you have logged in for your first time via a WiFi connection to download the initial content, you can use your flashcards offline (i.e. without an Internet connection). You can rank each card in the following categories: •“I don’t know this” – The card will show up more often until you’ve mastered it. •“I somewhat know this” – You know the subject but you’d like to review it again. •“I know this well” – This is a subject you’ve mastered and you don’t need to review it again. The topics covered include: •Constitutional Law •Contract/Sales •Criminal Law & Procedure •Evidence •Real Property •Torts Content rating: High Maturity



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