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  • TV Live -(Lite) Movies, Sports

    by Power Minds
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This is TV Live! LITE version. This version only allows access to limited TV Shows. Full TV version gives you UNLIMITED access to thousands of Movies, over 16,000 TV Shows, Live TV, Live Sports, All On-Demand. ***Black screen is fixed by turning your phones orientation. Never miss your favorite show again! ALL Updated daily. No Ads. Get the best of all the TV you see at home direct to your mobile device. From: TV, Movies, Shows, On-Demand, TV Shows, Family Guy, 24, The Office, American Idol and more. Watch your favorite TV shows come directly to your mobile phone. Works on over 375 devices. If you have a blank screen simply change phone orientation. Please give positive 5 Star rating and not use rating area to contact support. Thank you for helping us grow. Popular searches, membership includes: Over 10,000 Full Length Episodes Favorite Classic Sitcoms Streaming Network Broadcast News Thousands of Movies On-Demand On-Demand TV Shows Prime-time Television Video Clips Hollywood Box Office Movies Live TV Sports Not all the videos stream in the same quality. Please be patient as the video loads and buffers. Videos are not all in the same quality, network speed requirements can be different for each video. Check your speed connection if you are having buffering issue. Videos stream from various sources and providers. * Movie trailers * User reviews for movies and TV shows * Critics reviews for movies and TV shows * US TV listings for your local time zone * Recaps of TV shows from previous night * Upcoming episodes, sports and movies If you have trouble with the service please email us. Please don’t use the user rating system as a way to try to contact support. keywords: Live TV, Tv Shows, TV shows Streaming, TV viewer,, Tv-Shows, Video, Video Calling, Video Player, Mobile TV, Modern Family, Movie, Movie Stream, Movies, Movies Download, movies on demand, MSNBC, NBC, NCIS, Netflix, New Shows, On Demand, On-Demand, online, Online TV, on-line videos , PlayOn Mobile, RedBox, Season, Short Movie, Simpsons, Skins, Skype, spike, spike tv, Stream, Stream Movies, Streamer Pro, Streaming, syfy, The Cape, The Game, tnt, True Blood, Tv, tv channels, tv guide, Glee, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, The Bachelor, 30 Rock, ABC, Adobe Flash Player, American Idol, android tv, BBC iPlayer, Bones, Castle, CBS, channel, CNN, comedy central, comedy movies, Criminal Minds, Dancing with the Stars, demand, Download episodes, Episode, Episodes, ESPN, Family Guy, Flash Player, Flash Player 10.2, flixter, Free, Grey's Anatomy, HD, horror movies, House, How I Met Your Mother, Hulu, Instantly, Jersey Shore, Jetflicks, Jetflix, Videos, Watch Instantly, Watch Movie, Webcam, World channels, xfinity and others reaches TV Shows Stream, YouTube Content rating: Everyone



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