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Everyone holds a secret, precious memory that they privately treasure over a lifetime. Poets gazed into the distant skies and told of deep yearnings that can become sickness. To heal myself of my own anguished yearnings, I drew everyday and soothed my heartaches. Validated with shots of alcohol, people often regret love they are forced to bid farewell to. They see such love as pointless. So, finally laying to rest my heart’s regrets, I drew, wrote, and wept. Every now and then, I thought to myself... 'I wonder how many people I have hurt...' I began this little book in the hopes of receiving forgiveness from souls I’ve wounded. I pray its pages give them consolation. [Tag] kocca, kcomics, manhwa, comic, comics, manga, korea comics, cartoon, webtoon, action, romance, fantasy, animation, fun, 코카, 만화, 코믹, 망가, 한국 만화, 카툰, 웹툰, 액션, 순정, 판타지, 애니메이션, 재미 Content rating: Everyone



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