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SnapTag Reader allows you to instantly access info, content, and offers from your favorite brands. You are already clicking online to get more from your favorite brands. Now, you can instantly access info, content and offers from these same brands when they use a SnapTag anywhere in the real world. While SnapTags have always been accessible via MMS, the SnapTag Reader allows you to activate SnapTags faster and easier while creating a place to save and share all of the SnapTags you collect. When you see a SnapTag on an advertisement, packaging, in-store, or at an event, simply open this reader and scan the SnapTag to activate it. SnapTags are free and easy to use. You’ll know it’s a trusted SnapTag when you see one of your favorite brand logos in the middle of the SnapTag Code Ring. By activating a SnapTag, you can initiate and control a new type of conversation with a brand. You decide what content or offer you want and you can give permission for the brand to send you ongoing offers. To end a conversation or to stop receiving notifications, simply delete that SnapTag. It’s easy, free and safe. Content rating: Everyone



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