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Body Monitor by Fenlander Software Solutions. Body Monitor is the most complete all-in-one body monitoring app available for Android devices; allowing you to track your weight, height, all body measurements, BMI , body-fat and add daily notes. It is the perfect app for tracking progress if you are dieting,working out, measuring your baby bump or tracking your children's growth as they get older. Built on top of this is full advanced graphing facilities and full multi-user support so you can track yourself, your family or friends. FEATURES * Multi-user support with full password protection * Track, monitor AND Set GOALS for + Weight in Stones, Lbs or Kgs + Height in Feet & Inches or CMS (No goal setting for height) + Bodyfat Percentage - Calculated from entered details or Manually Entered + Waist, Hips, Chest, Calves, Thigh, Neck, Forearms, Upperarms, Wrist & Babybump in Cm's or Inches * Built-in BMI Calculator * Built-in Bodyfat Calculator * Navigation via illustrated calendar view * Advanced Graphing showing progress over time with goals * Ability to record notes on each day * Weight loss widget showing total lost, last amount lost and distance from goal. * Export all data to spreadsheet * Save pictures of your graphs to your SDCard, then share via Android's Gallery like any other picture. Future Features * Ability to set reminders * Configurable widget, set it to show anything you monitor TAGS : body, monitor, weight , tracker, bmi, body fat, measurement, multi, multiple, users, body monitor, weight monitor, body tracker, body monitor Recent changes: * Overlay graphs * Advanced bodyfat calculations * Bug fixes Content rating: Everyone



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