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  • DroidPin

    by mickego
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Tool to PinPoint GPS Coordinates and see the direction to it on "RadarGrid" Possible to save as many PinPoints as You like. Easy to find stored PinPoint later on. Everything is calculated on Bearing. To get accurate Information You need to be moving. If You stand still, it will not show correct information ! "+ Icon" is Where You Are "Blue Dot Icon" is Direction to North "Cirkel Icon" is Direction to Your Goal Position A menu to handle different stuff. -------------------------------------- Add Position: Add a position and set Custom Name to it -------------------------------------- Go To...: See all Pinpoints in list and select one to keep as "Goal" -------------------------------------- Clean List !: Removes all Pinnned Points -------------------------------------- Calibrate Actual position: Resets Selected Goal Point Coordinates with Actual Coordinates from Device -------------------------------------- Send Position using SMS: Sends Position by using SMS (Selectable: Actual Position or Selected Goal Position) If the reciever of SMS have DroidPin running, Position will be saved in Recievers Pin-List. SMS needs to be in this format *<latitude>~<longitude> ex: *60.0000000~15.00000000 -------------------------------------- Check Pos. With Google: Se Position using google Maps (Selectable: Actual Position or Selected Goal Position) -------------------------------------- Path to PinList is sdcard/Android/data/ Recent changes: A small Bugfix in Calibrating actual position Content rating: Low Maturity



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