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  • Basketball ScoreBoard

    by pcschoolleo
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offers Street Ball scoreboard, as well as the timer function, time to pause,used for basketball game competition or fun competitions.Regardless of the school race, Parks and Recreation, to friends, working girl can help you score, so as not to forget the score, of playing opportunities. Keywords: basketball, game, leisure, bullfighting, schools, race, sports, sports, score, record, record version, the score version, three on three, Taiwan, court, basketball court, summer The other rules provided for reference Competition Rules: (A) winning a competition judge, adopted six goals made (each scored one more point total), the first side to reach into the basket of six goals for the winning team. Must be both free-throw into the basket before two goals in terms of a number of balls. If only scored a few, then continued by the possession. If the shooting beyond the arc, is still one more point calculations. (B) mining game "mora" to decide the right to serve. Kick-off when the ball made the provisions of the players must stand point, to let the other touch the ball before teeing off to start after the offensive began, and not directly shoot baskets and dribble. However, players must be made within five seconds pass, or both an offense. (C) When the player is pressing the other defensive players did not pass up to five seconds, cast, shoot, roll, or dribble, then sentenced offenders, to obtain possession by the other (a throw too). (D) more than three personal fouls will be required to leave, replaced by a substitute player, the team fined not more than four times the two goals (rules such as rule e), restricted strictly three seconds violation. (E) race groups more than four fouls, the ball two times were fine, the two are in the investment be considered a ball (the other side after the foul line scored after the ball) if in a ball, by the continued right to serve, two goals are not in from each other serve. Free throw, players need not arranged by the fouled player to a penalty. (F) Where the technology, and other serious foul intentionally to seize power, first made by the other two free throws (both free throws, the total was a ball, if only a fine score, the ball does not count the number, but still won possession) , and then re-direct the right to serve. (G) If an offensive foul (ball gave the driver) only control the ball, the other serve. (Viii) the offensive, one of the players grabbed the rebound ball can continue to attack, continued to thrown up. If the other side to grab rebounds, both feet must be returned before they can attack at any point beyond the arc. (Ix) the offensive side scored a goal each to vote, be replaced by the defender the right to serve. (X) shot, the ball foul if the defensive player into, namely, one more point, do not add punishment, but made by the defender the right to serve. (K) group preliminary arrangements for the single judge of the referee system, the final (Group 8) two-referee system is adopted. (L) Time for six minutes, if time, less than six ball either to the ball side to win the largest number of teams, if both the number of balls the same, the way free-throw contest. Free throw, three players from each team factions, each penalty scored a total of three goals to a team of more goals to win, both goals as the same, the same way again over time, individuals more than three fouls leave, shall not play in free-throw contest. (Xiii) All players on the officials, referees have a bad attitude or unsportsmanlike behavior, the judge may cancel the team from the competition. The rest of the general rules and regulations, all other FIBA ‚Äč‚Äčinternational basketball rules according to the latest execution. Content rating: Everyone



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