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  • Success - Your 30 Minute Guide

    by KoolAppz
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Learn How To Be Successful With Anything You Want To In Your Life In Just 30 Minutes A Day! No matter what goal you are trying to achieve in life, being successful with your goal is very important to you. Success comes in all shapes and forms. You could want success in your job, in your marriage, in the raising of your children, or anything else that you can imagine. This guide will give you two weeks of "success thoughts". Each day you will follow along to reach success in all areas of life you are struggling in. Each day for two weeks, you will read and spend 30 minutes each day thinking about the "success thought" and how to use it to reach your goals of success. Success is not rocket science and it's not hard. The hard part is getting started and going in the right direction and that's exactly what this guide will teach you. *** On Sale Now! (Normal Price $15.99) *** Get it now before promotion ends! Content rating: Everyone



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