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As a manager, you will have to coach employees about careers, performance, or other general topics. The popular 4-Step GROW (Goal, Reality, Options, What Next) Model offers a flexible and easy-to-use format to effectively manage those coaching discussions. The format uses QUESTIONS at each of the 4 Steps to help the person identify the goal and develop a plan to achieve the goal. This App uses The 4-Step GROW Model format to provide the following information: 1. General GROW Questions to use for Any Coaching Topics. 2. Specific GROW Questions for coaching about General Career Advancement and General Performance Changes. 3. Specific GROW Questions for coaching about Promotions, Awards, Work Relationships, and Poor Performance. Other information includes: 1. 56 Questions to encourage two-way dialogue when using the GROW Model. 2. Advice on using open-ended questions and detail phrases. 3. Checklists of reminders. NOTE: App MAY NOT Work On Motorola Xoom Honeycomb Tablet Content rating: Low Maturity



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