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More than 11500 English, Spanish and French words are similar. These words are the easiest to remember and reproduce when needed. We have ranked the words in the order of frequency of usage. This means that the most commonly used words will be covered first, and more obscure words left until the end. There is plenty of similar vocabulary shared between languages. The problem is that new language learners dont know what they are, nor how to pronounce them well. The goal of this App to enable English speakers to read and listen to these Spanish and French words. This list includes many words that are technically referred to as cognates, and it also includes many words that have been programatically determined to have similar sounds, even if they are not technically a cognate. We have also included the definitions of the Spanish and French words. Our goal is not to provide a comprehensive language learning program, but to provide this list of words that will be a valuable resource for serious students of a second language as well as those who are traveling to a foreign country and would like to learn a few fast vocabulary words. Important Notes Please validate the following Settings --> Voice input & Output Settings --> Text to speech settings Uncheck "Always use my Settings" in TTS Settings Uncheck "Override App Settings" in TTS (in older versions of Android) If you are running an older verison of Android, you may need to download and install TextToSpeech TTS Extended utility separately Content rating: Everyone



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