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FULL VERSION Wildland Firefighter or Firefighting. Incident Response Pocket Guide – NWCG - IRPG An Android device application brought to you by SpotFire with all the information from said publication of the National Wildfire Coordinating Group – (Rev. - January 2010) A free trial version is available for your review, in this store. This is the introductory price for a limited time only. Excerpt from the Preface: “The intent of this guide is to provide a wildland fire job aid and training reference for operational personnel from Firefighter Type 2 through Division Supervisor and initial attack/extended attack Incident Commanders. It also has a secondary application for all-hazard incident response.” This app has NO ads, NO permissions and requires NO network connection once installed. So YES you will like if this is what you need. This app is menu driven. Tap on a content item (i.e. LCES) and the content displays on the screen. This app is true to the form of the hard copy pocket guide. This app contains an RH Calculator. The RH Calc is also available as a separate, free, small and lightweight app for your quick access if are posted as a lookout. System Requirement: Android Version 1.6, min. Ever wonder about wildland firefighter protocols on the fire-line? If so or if you are curios about basic wildland / urban interface fire-fighting, you’ll find many answers in the guide. What are the components of Operational Engagement? What qualifies for a safety zone? How to direct retardant and bucket drops? What about structure triage for an oncoming fire? This guide downloads to your device for use without network connectivity. No adds or silly permissions. I apologize for the couple week delay to all of ya’ll that initially and promptly downloaded the trial version and have been looking for the full version. Thanks too for all the feedback on the trial version, I am glad it worked so intuitively for everybody. That was a goal, I will however continue to make some tweeks to make it even better, probably a bit later in the season I would appreciate hearing some feedback about this version too. Thanks, Robert SPOTFIREAPPS@GMAIL.COM 406-646-6112 Call, SMS or leave VM Keywords: Firefighter Professional, Media, Search and Rescue, EMS, First Responders, Law Enforcement, Police, Sheriff, Deputy, Wildland Fire, Ambulance, Volunteer, National Guard, Home Owner, General interest, Volunteer, First-Aid, Helicopter Aviation landing Recent changes: v 1.0 new release Content rating: Everyone



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