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  • Zombie Runaway

    by Com2uS
  • 3.9 / 5
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Survival Rule for Zombie: Run for your life! Zombie's Breathtaking Rush! ★★★This game supports English, français and 日本語★★★ Still scared of zombies? Play with our friendly freak Zombie on his last runaway to prove that you're not! Zombie Runaway is a game where you dodge, run, and jump to keep the last zombie left on earth away from humans. Simply Jump or move from Left to Right.... All done with 3 touch buttons! Take a ride on Boosters to crash through tombstones and watch zombie run faster with smooth and easy control. Invincible once on a booster: Nothing can block zombie's once-in-a-lifetime runaway chase! ***** Features ***** 1) Zombie runs on Various Modes! Runaway as much, or even better, as fast as you can on Normal Mode, or try to crash as many tombstones in the given time on Blitz Mode. 2) Get ready for Surprises and More Addictive Fun! - Indestructible on a Booster! Crush all rocks and gravestones on our different Boosters! - The more stones you crush on boosters, the more hearts you recover! - Watch out for spiked rocks! Crash into them and Zombie dies on the spot! - Crush more stones to get extra time on Blitz! 3) Gear up Your Zombie with Cool Items! Special power with extra-special Gears! Make sure your Zombie has geared up for his last runaway. Your Zombie will be thrilled to run this breathtaking getaway! 4) Break your Friend's Record! In Zombie Runaway, you can see your friends' records. Become the fastest Zombie by breaking your friends' records! 5) More updates are Coming Soon! Recent changes: What's newly updated - Improved overall game play and user experience functions Content rating: Medium Maturity



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    version was updated
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