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The Swiss railway station clock is a symbol for Swiss high precision and reliable punctuality. It's second hand moves continuously around the face and pauses for 1.5 seconds at the 12 mark (stop-to-go technique). In order to compensate for this interruption, the second hand is accelerated to require a mere 58.5 seconds for one revolution, thus maintaining time precision. The clock design is simple, clear and readable at a glance. It holds black hour and minute hands on a white background without hour numbers printed. The eye-striking red second hand is recognizable from larger distances and formed as a replica of the station manager's trowel. Ever since developed by Swiss engineer, inventor and Swiss Federal Railways (Schweizerischen Bundesbahnen, SBB) employee Hans Hilfiker (1901-1993) in 1944, the Swiss railway station clock has never changed its face and became a part of national identity which explains its high popularity. It can be found more than 3,000 times across Switzerland. This application adopts the Swiss railway station clock drawn by the author with Photoshop. The algorithm for the motion of the red second hand is courtesy of Klaus Christl, Switzerland. Klaus also contributed most of the beautiful wallpaper photos of Swiss landscapes. ESSENTIAL FEATURES * Stylish design with light inner glow * Two clock faces, white and black * Ten wallpapers to select from * Clock can be sized to emphasise wallpapers * Local time and universal time * Compensates for Daylight saving time * Restarts with last saved settings * Additional digital clock displays * Help in Settings menu ご購入をお考えのお客様へ、 本アプリーに関するご質問は日本語でもお受けしております。 お気軽にお問い合わせください。 Please be so kind as to support this application by reporting any problems. It's about a third of a Starbucks mug and, of course, ads-free! Keywords: Swiss railway clock, Swiss station clock, clock, Switzerland, Helvetia Recent changes: Ver 1.00: First market launch Content rating: Low Maturity



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