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Speedy Fish is a simple but very addictive game. Help Speedy and Windy protect their oceanic environment from polluting blobs by circling around various sponges. Sponges are at the center of this fragile ecosystem which needs to be protected. As the level progresses, you will be in charge of more and more sponges and will be attack by an increasing number of blobs. You will have to strategically swim to move through the various levels makng sure that the marine life is well protected As you accumulate more points, you will have the opportunity to start your own aquarium in which fish will grow and coexist peacefully The game can be played by adults and children alike who enjoy playing with beautiful fish If you like Tap Fish, Papaya Fish, you will surely enjoy Speedy Fish You can also give a try to our newest FREE games : - MatchUp - Checkers - Reversi (Othello like) - 4 in a row (Connect 4) - Thunder Bear - Mouse Trap (Unblock the mouse) - Push Roll - Bubble Blast - Mahjong Content rating: Everyone



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