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**The makers of Air Horn and farting Whoopee Cushion bring you Farting Fred!** Poke his belly, feed him special items, and watch him fart like a champ! Imagine the kind of fart noises poor Fred will make when he: - drinks a can of unrefined oil - eats a questionable mushroom - swallows radioactive waste… The possibilities are endless! Farting Fred has tons of hilarious, high quality fart sounds with animations. Tons of fun to use while at school or work, and even safe for children (no lewd or nasty scenes). Free version is fully functional, supported by ads. Tired of all of those talking apps with weird looking animals? Bring Fred to your phone! Why talk when you can fart? Recent changes: Sorry for the constant updates. Much more fixes for older phones. The app should run much, much, smoother. If you have no problems with the current version, no need to update. Content rating: Everyone



  • 07-28-2010
    version was updated
  • 07-28-2010
    title was updated


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