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  • Blew Tower Defense Lite

    by J Brothers
  • 3.7 / 5
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A great and new style of Tower Defense. It's not all about building as many towers as you can. It's about building the right tower at the right time, upgrading when you must and activating your skills to impaire creatures. Blew uses a new system in the Tower Defense genre : The customizable GamePlay, you can now choose different combinations of Towers and Skills to do mass damage! - Dozens of great maps - Every map has 3 difficulties - Over 10 different towers to choose from - Each tower can be upgraded several times - 20 different types of monsters - 7 unique skills - Gain blew points to enhance your strength - Choose your own towers & skills - Highly challenging It's not all about tower defending. Dozens of story mode maps are here to challenge you with different kinds of unique creature combinations & waves. Once you've won a story mode level, you will unlock its map in the quick game mode. You will then be able to play it as many times as you want and on whichever difficulty you like. The harder the challenge the more Blew Points you'll get! Now we're talking tower defense. Recent changes: Version 1.2 main changes: - Changed the general feeling of the user interface - Applied a color style to the main values - Increased the font size - Fixed some minor bugs - Made level 1 and level 4 a bit easier Content rating: Everyone



  • 07-28-2010
    version was updated
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    title was updated

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