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Make education fun with SmartJoey. Children will fill an outline of an animal with color pieces that slide and snap into to place. After the last piece is placed a picture of the animal and the name appears. Additionally a friendly voice will congratulate the child on a job well done and pronounce the animal's name. The puzzles are designed so children enjoy success time after time and receive positive reinforcement to keep learning. Your child will love this simple, entertaining "edugame" that will help them to develop motor skills, pronunciation and critical thinking. WE are sure that your children will enjoy the game, because our children do! If you'd like to test the game yourself before you buy it, we offer a free lite version. Have Suggestions or Issues? Email and you'll get a prompt response. Download issues? Here are some Google-recommended solutions for this known Android Market issue: Make sure your phone is logged into Google Talk. Redownload the app. IF STILL UNSUCCESSFUL: Restart your phone. Make sure there is connectivity. Redownload the app. IF STILL UNSUCCESSFUL: Choose "Clear Data" (in Settings/Manage Applications/Running/Market). Redownload the app. Keywords: Kids, Educational, Child, Children, Games, Preschool, School, Kindergarten, Preschool-aged, Shapes, Puzzle, Cognitive Skills, Visual Spatial Skills, Shape Recognition, Tactile Skills, Fine Motor Skills Content rating: Everyone



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