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Looks like a storm is brewing! An Alphabet Storm, that is! This app develops QWERTY keyboard skills in the form of a fun game. Select one of four different types of storm, then a difficulty level. Letters start dropping, and the object of the game is to hit the right letter key to stop that drop before it hits the bottom of the screen. If you fail, a flood starts building up. If that flood reaches the top of the screen, it's game over! Alphabet Storm builds touch typing skills while saving the world from severe weather at the same time. Can you keep up with the storm? Challenge yourself to beat your highest score and compare to those of your friends. FEATURES * Develops touch typing skills in the form of a fun game * Stop inclement weather by typing the right letters * Auto skill increase * Supports a soft keyboard in portrait mode and a physical keyboard in landscape mode. * 5 different selectable skill levels (auto increase, novice, intermediate, expert, and god) * 4 different selectable storm skins (rain, snow, fire, and lightning) * Save and display high scores Content rating: Everyone



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