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  • Little Red Riding Hood Jarnaby

    by jarnaby
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Experience the classic fairy tale from the point of view of the Big Bad Wolf, Grandma, the Woodcutter, or even Little Red Riding Hood herself! Jarnaby Reader lets you explore a story from multiple perspectives! The story begins with the default character (Little Red Riding Hood), but how you finish the story is up to you. Any time the "link" button appears, you can tap another character to switch to his or her perspective. Or, you can just follow a single path through the whole story. Tap the "map" button to see an overhead view of how the different character's paths intersect. Once you finish one path through the story, go back and see what you missed. (How *did* the Woodcutter get to Grandma's house, anyway?) This sample story is only one example of what is possible with Jarnaby Reader. Jarnaby is a free cross-platform system for reading and writing multi-perspective narratives. Feel like writing your own story? Simply replace the default story file with your own, and away you go. You can distribute your own stories using Jarnaby Reader, too. For documentation and source code, please visit The Jarnaby Project is a research effort funded by Brigham Young University Hawaii. Content rating: Everyone



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