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  • Sea Shooter

    by CyxB
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*** This is the FULL version. Please try the FREE LITE version before buying. *** Sea Shooter is an enjoyable and addictive original game. Sea creatures have been mysteriously trapped in bubbles. Now suspended in mid-air and unable to move or breathe, they need you to save them! Use your finger to sling the octopus hero around the screen to knock down all the trapped creatures. This FULL version comes with all 30 levels of the game (another 30 levels will be released in the next 2 weeks), plus free future updates with even more levels along with any gameplay improvements! BASIC OBJECTIVE: To beat a level, just knock down all sea creatures in the alloted number of shots given GOOD TO KNOW: ** Use the zoom out button to see the entire scene on your screen ** ** Use the blue arrows to adjust your position before taking a shot ** - Only sea creatures of the same type can hit each other after being popped. For example, if you pop a crab, it will hit only other crabs on its way down -Blocks and other obstacles are made of several different materials and will act accordingly -Some bubbles may require more than 1 hit before they are popped -Earn extra shots by hitting the spinning octopus powerups in a level (if there are any!) OTHER TIPS & TRICKS: - Use the obstacles & walls to your advantage by banking shots and angling to free as many creatures as possible in one turn - The more you take down in one shot, the higher your score! REQUIRED PERMISSIONS: -WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: needed for option to backup/restore game data SUPPORT: Please send an email to the developer with any bug reports or questions! Content rating: Everyone



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