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Duck Carnage is a fast paced game of fowl destruction. Hunting season is now open, how many ducks will you take home? Tap to fire, but try not to kill any friendly bluebirds or endangered butterflies. If you are a good enough shot, you will earn money allowing you to buy a hunting license for the next level. If you are a really good shot, you can earn enough to expand your arsenal by adding a machine gun, grenades, and a gas gun. If you enjoy games like the old Nintendo NES Duck Hunt, then check out this game. It has been called a hardcore version of that classic. Within the game there is a gun show where you can expand your collection of weapons for maximum damage and fun. The game features an intuitive 'tap to play' interface that will quickly get you playing, however, mastering the game is a completely different story. Shortly after being released, Duck Carnage+ made the list of "Top New Paid" Games in the Android Market. Will it rival Angry Birds, Ant Smasher, and Fruit Ninja? You be the judge! Recent changes: 1.0.3 fixed a rare crash while loading next level 1.0.2 fixed some dialog layouts Content rating: Everyone



  • 07-29-2010
    version was updated
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