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  • Swear Now! Chinese Profanities

    by subnurbs
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Essential Chinese Swear Phrases! "One of the most amazing swear soundboards out there" - Mady Apps *** Warning - Contains swearing and topics of an adult nature. *** Have you ever encountered Chinese dudes that speak profanities that you do not understand? Ever wanted to learn how to shoot off all the classic swear words in Chinese? Now you can understand what they mean and even learn how to swear like a native! Your Asian classmates/ colleagues will be more than impressed by your new found language! *** Features *** * One of a kind unique features that includes "she is..", "you are.." "I have .." * Contains high quality sounds all professionally recorded and tuned. * Unique and amazing custom graphics * This paid app has 2 times the number of phrases compared to the free version. * Lots of phrases * Very easy to use! * Works without Internet Tags : Swear, Profanities, Insults, Chinese, Rude, Phrases, Learn, Meanings, Prank, profanity, angry, scold Recent changes: Enhanced Sound Recordings Content rating: Medium Maturity



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