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  • Zyksa SpeedTester

    by zyksa
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It’s a very simple and addicting game similar to classic coin-operated reflex game which will increase your concentration power. First all the lights blink in some random order. Then you have to tap/press them in the same order. As you tap/press them correctly in the same order, the speed of the lights increase for the next sequence and as the level increases the number of blinks increases (Unlimited Levels). --Use Settings Button to choose either 4 or 5 lights and also to enable and disable sounds. --Use Top Scores Button to view all your top scores. --Use Check Button to check what was the correct order if you have failed to tap in correct order. So how many levels can you cross? Ready for the challenge? Recent changes: 1. Changed the UI Content rating: Everyone



  • 07-29-2010
    version was updated
  • 07-29-2010
    title was updated


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