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【Description】 Sink battleships hidden in a 10 x 10 cell field using your intuition and reasoning skill. Plaey exciting games against the computer! Play with family and friends via Bluetooth! Earn powerful items by winning and advancing in rank! An exhilarating strategy game 【Features】 Your rank goes up by experience value. Features attack items that can change the battle situations (Items can be gained after the battle ends with a fixed probability) Heated battles with family, friends, and colleagues via Bluetooth. (For Bluetooth -compatible devices) 【Play mode】 *Free mode game You can use Item freely. *New Game You can create new save data. Easy : for beginners Normal: for intermediate players(The computer can use items during the game. you have an increased chance of obtaining items after winning a battle.) Hard: for advanced players(The computer can use items with a high frequency. You have a higher chance of obtaining good items after winning a battle.) *Load Game It starts from continuation. *Two player game Bluetooth match : Available on Bluetooth enabled devices *Profile See and edit name. Check your rank. Check your experience value. Check your hight score. Check items *How to play Description of game screens. Note: Items you use during the game will disappear at that point. Items can only be used once. Content rating: Low Maturity



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