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  • Square Wars (ad free)

    by Mama Dodo
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* This is the ad free version of the popular game Square Wars * Square Wars is getting more than 10.000 downloads every month * Don't mind advertisements? Download the free version! --- dots and boxes, dots 'n' boxes, squares, connect squares A Star Wars themed variation on a little turn-based game many of us played in high school: Start with a grid of dots. When it's your turn: 1) hit a line to connect two dots and make it your own 2) if you complete a square you earn a point and may continue 3) when all dots are connected, the player that has the most squares/points wins A lot of fun and very addictive! * Play against your Android * Play with up two 3 other players (4 player game) * Undo your last move * Fully customize the number of squares on the board * You can move the app to your SD card Especially nice on tablet PC, like Samsung Galaxy Tab, Motorola Xoom or HTC Flyer. Also known as: dots & boxes, paddocks, dot boxing, dots and dashes, boxes, kamertje verhuren, landje veroveren, vierkantje veroveren Recent changes: * The app will now remember your last custom board size, so you don't have to type in your favourite board size every time Content rating: Everyone



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