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Are you looking for a fun game for your child to learn math? Math Ninja by Kitty Pad is the one! It is a fun and interesting game for children aged 6-12 designed to help them learn and practice foundational math skills, from basic concepts of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, to more advanced and complicated problem solving such as mixed operator usage. Features: *Total of 15 games that can be used to practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, division or any combination of the four *Choose from 10 different levels of difficulty *Choose from 2 different avatars, with amusing sound effects *Choose from 2 different game modes: cutting the right answer and cutting the wrong answers *Scoring system keeps track of your best score for each game and level Your child will be entertained for hours as they solve over 1000 different math problems while learning and practicing the skills that will help them tremendously in school. Even for children who have already learned these skills, Math Ninja is a wonderful way to reinforce this knowledge. Your child can learn and play at their own pace by skipping to other levels at any time in the game. Math Ninja by Kittypad will provide limitless entertainment for your child while showing them that learning is interesting and rewarding, but most importantly, fun! Even for adults, Math Ninja by Kitty Pad is a great resource to prevent your brain from getting rusty and math sloppy! Download Math Ninja by Kitty Pad today and watch how quickly your child learns and understands the world of math! Designed and developed by Kitty Pad, turning playing time into learning time! Keyword:math ninja,math,education,game,count,equal Content rating: Everyone



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