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ATTENTION: FarmVille Players... "Want to Stop Wasting Your Valuable FarmVille Coins and Make More FarmVille Money? It's So Simple..." Get the Ultimate FarmVille "cheat" available today... The Ultimate FarmVille Harvest Timer! Maximize your crops and eliminate crop withering by using the best crop harvest timer available for Android. Created just for your Android phone, this powerful app gives you... ✔ Unlimited harvest timers with alarms and notifications straight to your Android phone. ✔ Access to all FarmVille crops available when published. ✔ Filter crops by categories. ✔ Complete tracking of your crop's Extra 100% time until it withers... never lose another crop. ✔ Know exactly what to plant next with complete crop information, including XP, profit, profit margin, etc. ✔ Real-time harvest timers show you visual updates for your crop. ✔ Receive configurable warnings before your crop withers. ✔ Choose your notification options. ✔ Categorized timer lists show you exactly what you need to know now. ✔ Simple, easy-to-use interface is optimized for your Android... it works exactly like you think it should. ✔ Runs stealthily (and efficiently) in the background... you'll get notified no matter what you're doing. And it won't drain your battery! Don't pay for some other "Pro" version, when you can get it all here for FREE? Ultimate FarmVille Harvest Timer has everything you need to dominate FarmVille. Here's what other FarmVille players just like you have to say about the Ultimate FarmVille Harvest Timer... ★★★★★ "Excellent app! I love that I don't have to worry about missing my FarmVille crops harvests any more." - Jason ★★★★★ "After paying for another app, I found this one. Does more and it's free. Can't beat that." - Todd ★★★★★ "This is awesome for getting the most out of FarmVille. It's almost like I'm cheating. Now I make more money faster since I can harvest my crop and rotate it right when it's ready. Very cool app. I highly recommend it." - Lauren ★★★★★ "Easy to use. It works. And it's free." - Dan ★★★★★ "If you play FarmVille you NEED this app! Seriously." - Matt ***** NOTE ***** This is *NOT* the FarmVille game for your Android. It will help you play the game better and faster and make more FarmVille money. But it is not the game. Please don't rate the app poorly because you thought you were downloading the FarmVille game... it makes you look silly ;-) Content rating: Low Maturity



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